Highlight of Rasa Melaka

A Brand New Theatre Experience

The audience will have a chance to look into the lives of characters in the story. The actors are within reach, and the audience can breathe and live through the story along with them. The innovative stage, light and sound design will bring the audience on a journey through the time tunnel from ancient to present-day Malacca.

An Original Story of Everyday Malaccans

"Rasa Melaka" is a story that happens along the Malacca River. It's the life story of people of different ethnicities in Malacca. Since the Independence Day of Malaya, they've been through ups and downs in life: getting married, flying overseas for studies, having a baby, etc. Their wisdom in life has equipped them with courage to pull through despite the obstacles.

The Very First Musical Focusing On Life In The Historical City Itself

The interesting lines, melodious songs, intricate dance choreography and comedic interpretation of the actors boil down to a funny yet touching Malaccan story.

Cultural Highlights That Will Impress The World

Dondang Sayang (a traditional Peranakan form of singing/music, In Malay, recognised by Unesco as "intangible cultural heritage"). dragon dance, joget dance and silat (a traditional Malay martial art) are incorporated into the story. This is to share with foreign audiences the cultural pride of Malacca.

The Golden Creative Team

Muka Space founded by Dr. Deric Gan, 6-time recipient of the Best Director Award (in both the ADA awards and BOH Cameronian Awards), together with award-winning producer Easee Gan is leading the best creative team, 20 homegrown actors with a total of 120 characters on stage, unravelling a story spanning 60 years, of this 600-year-old historical city.

Rasa-City Series

The RASA-CITY Series is a cultural window allowing tourists a peek into Malaysian cultures. "RASA Melaka The Musical” is the very first production of the series, making the ancient city of Melaka its very first stop. The role Melaka plays in Malaysia culture and history is undeniably important, considering it is often the very first place for tourists to get to know Malaysia. Being a 600-year-old city, Melaka has been through ups and downs, leaving it a cauldron of various treasured memories, boiling down to the very essence of the nation’s culture and civilisation.

This 60-minute musical with beautiful folkloric music will enchant, soothe, and nourish the body and soul of the audience.

Director's Bio

Dr Deric Gan
6-Time Best Director Winner
Both Cameronian Arts Award & ADA Drama Award
Beijing-Based Malaysian Director
Muka Space, Co-Founder & Artistic Director

Dr Deric Gan is the first malaysian to have a PHD in theatre and chinese traditional opera from the highest arts institution in China - the central academy of drama in Beijing, China. He worked as a director & playwright at the national theatre company of China, and lectures at the China National Centre for the performing arts.

In 2010, he founded "Life Performing Study", with his decade-long professional teaching experience in acting and directing. He has been invoted to Europe many times to participate in international drama exchange activities. Till this day, he has directed more than 50 professional theatre productions. His directional works feature the delicate emotional expressions through acting, dynamic scenography and integration of chinese and western cultures. He won numerous awards in recent years.

In 2017, he won 2-year streak in best director in both Cameronian Art Awards and 4-year streak in ADA Drama Award with "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", "Richard III" & "Peking Man".